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Your First Choice for Digital Signage Software Features & Βenefits
Stellar capabilities & security for world-class digital signage.

Show media on screen

Use the power of videos and images to make your message stand out. You can also easily display Office & PDF documents, web pages, YouTube videos and livestream videos. Audio files are also supported. See the power of digital signage features and benefits in action, with just a few clicks.

Get started in seconds

Make your content shine immediately with our Plug & Play SeeMonster Player, and free screen layout templates, widgets, stock images and videos.

Easy Setup

The SeeMonster Raspberry Pi 4 Player is plug & play-ready. Our complete kit comes with everything you need and it’s preconfigured for your WiFi. No tech savvy required, we promise!

Easy to manage & schedule

• Intuitive Scheduling

Show different content during different hours or days, to target specific groups of customers or clients you want to attract. And changing a schedule is a breeze. Easily plan ahead, for as long as you need.

Remotely Turn Off Screens

Need to turn off your screens during off-hours? Do it remotely, to save power and extend your screen’s life. SeeMonster supports CEC-enabled screens! Save money with digital signage features and benefits.

• Total Remote Screen Management

Manage everything, from your content to your Players, right from the online Portal. Upload, update and display new content remotely. Troubleshoot remotely if needed, as well, with our detailed status updates.

• Auto-Upgrades & Remote Support

All our software upgrades happen automatically over the internet, so you get new features, hassle-free. Need tech support? Just fill in the in-app form and our tech support team will help you out remotely.

Extreme security & reliability

• Have total control of the online content Portal and Players, rely on our security features, and enjoy a digital signage solution you can trust.

• Player Secure Lockdown

Secure your Players to prevent any tampering that could potentially be used to attack your network. Lockdown can be activated remotely, and there’s no need to be physically present. All our digital signage features and benefits come with excellent security.

• “Safe” IP Addresses

Restrict your users to only connect to your account from the designated IP addresses. IP address restrictions can be set on both a global and a per user level. Get security with digital signage features and benefits.

• Two-Factor Authentication

You can secure user accounts with Two-Factor Authentication. Using their smartphones, users will require both a password and a code generated by their phone to log in, so you can keep your account safe from hijackers.


• Restrict Access to Users

Add an unlimited number of users to your SeeMonster Account, with a separate password for each user. Use our Workspaces feature to customize access to content and screens.

How it works

Get content on your screens, in 3 simple steps, with SeeMonster.


Step 1 Create Your Free Account


Step 2 Get Your SeeMonster Player


Step 3 Connect it to Your Screen

Sign up with just your name and email. No credit card, billing or mailing address required. Go ahead, take a look around. 

The SeeMonster media player makes setup a breeze. Get it from us, and we’ll pre-configure your WiFi credentials for you, so it’s ready to use, right out of the box. Also, we’ll do all the work to make it automatically connect to your account when you plug it in. So you can put your screens to work right away.

Plug the HDMI to micro HDMI cable (it’s included when you order from us) into the left port of the player and connect the other end to your TV. Then, plug in the player’s power supply, and it will automatically turn on. That’s it. Now, all you need is some great content to wow your viewers. And that’s easy to do, too.


SeeMonster’s media player is the hardware powerhouse that connects to your screens for an amazing digital signage experience. Proven and powerful, it’s the commercial-grade digital signage media player industry leaders around the globe rely on.

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